Black Insomnia Now Only 33% Stronger


We are the strongest!!!

Thanks to a strapping young Cape Town blogger, new research into how strong Black Insomnia really is has shown that our coffee is roughly 33% stronger than any other brands on the market that make the same claim. Great news for us, not so great for them.

To be clear, our coffee is 100% pure, unadulterated coffee, naturally very high in caffeine without any added chemicals, preservatives, sugars, or additives. Laboratory tests, using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, show that Black Insomnia coffee has 17,524mg of caffeine per kilogram according to the samples tested at SGS laboratories.

In his article Searching For The World’s Strongest Coffee, the blogger samples 2 other brands who at one stage may have been the title holders. The SGS test results showed them to have 13,809mg and 13,179mg of caffeine. Now we’re no mathematicians, but it seems pretty clear to us that according to these latest lab results, we are a whole hell of a lot stronger.

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