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We’ve kicked off on Amazon! WOOHOO!
No, wait… we’re sold out! F&CK ME!


Okay! Next roast ready! Get packing!!! MOVE IT PEOPLE! We’re burning daylight over here!
To say our Amazon launch was a success would be an understatement. When we were preparing to launch, we knew America would be more than willing to jump on board and give Black Insomnia a shot (coffee pun). We just had no idea that SO MUCH of America would. And we’re humbled by the fact. So thank you America!
To all of the users who came to our site after we sold out on Amazon and registered for purchases, thank you! And well done! There was such a flood of traffic that you crashed our servers! We’ve gone and got additional servers in New York, Amsterdam and Cape Town to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. And to top it off we’ve created this new site too! If you go and break this one we’ll be impressed!
I’m just going to mention now that that was not a challenge.
For some of you, ordering through Amazon will cost you less in terms of shipping costs. We’re not out to screw you so please, if that is easier, please do order through there:
Amazone 1Lb Whole Beans - The World's Strongest Coffee
Black Insomnia Coffee - Filter Ground 1Lbs - The World's Strongest Coffee Ground
Black Insomnia Coffee Capsules - The World's Strongest Capsules



Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m a visitor in US and really eager to try your product. Just a simple question as so many ppl may ask, what is the normal delivery time for your product and would there be any way to faster?(like express deliver with extra cost).

I will leave US by 8 days.



When will Nespresso 50 capsules be available to order? Food52 article came out this week; guess I was too late to catch first order cycle.

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