Black Hydro - caffeinated mineral water

Caffeine water is nothing new, so before you come with your “but I see this other brand doing the same thing,” bullshit, yes! We admit it… We weren’t the first person to come up with the idea. But if it wasn’t for us you would probably have never even heard of this shit!

And it’s dope! It’s the raddest idea since that dude invented that machine that slices your bread for you. It’s a leap in modern, civilized choice. It gives you the punch to get shit done with absolutely none of the crap that you get in other products.

We know personally that we’ve had moments when we have wanted something more than water but less than sugary, carbonated diabetes in a can… and until now we’ve had to opt for diet or light or zero versions of the same shit we’ve been drinking for years!
That ends today!

Introducing Black Hydro. Your solution (science pun) to hydration and alertness. We’ve packed these bad boys with 100mg of caffeine and electrolytes, with none of that added unhealthy crap that for some god awful reason people seem to drink without question.

Make this your staple. Feel no regrets.




What happen to the hydro water. Are you ever getting it back? Or the k-cups!??

john amodio

what happened to black insomnia hydro water?is it permamently discontinued

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