It has been a week since the launch of Black Insomnia on Amazon, hasn’t it? We’re not even sure anymore, this rollercoaster has been one hell of a ride so far! Everything seems to be one big blur right now. *sips coffee

Nope, all focused. March 27, 2017 - That’s when shit went Bonkers! After Grub Street’s article made its rounds, all of America started waking up to us and placing orders like CRAZY!

Our first thought was “Well that’s f%cking fantastic”, right up until some more articles started appearing and the news was spread EVEN MORE! When the Fox News piece came out, we realised shit was getting serious, and by the TIME other news channels started picking up on it we had already SOLD OUT on Amazon!

It was going absolutely nuts and traffic started flooding our website. We thought we were getting attacked by Russians and North Koreans that didn't want the USA to wake up… but in reality there were so many people trying to place their orders that our servers couldn’t handle it and almost crashed. So the only logical thing to do was to onboard additional servers in New York and San Fransisco to handle the load! But guess what, IT ALMOST CRASHED AGAIN! We had to act, and fast! And that’s what led us to now having this pretty little website with all the right moves in all the right places and double the server capacity! Hectic hey?

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, shit was getting real! We’d bean roasting like never before. All the while ready for someone to jump out and shout “April Fools!”
That didn’t happen, so we just carried on. Occasionally stopping to watch the clips from peeps like the ones from @TODAYshow try Black Insomnia for the first time.



So where are we? Well most orders got out but there are still a bunch of orders that we're sending out right now. We had a new freshly roasted shipment of Black Insomnia Ground Coffee arriving from our Cape Town roaster at our Tampa warehouse on Tuesday which should have covered all outstanding Ground orders. The warehouse staff in Tampa worked through the night to get all orders out and we expect to be back on our normal delivery schedule by tomorrow. 

We will say this... Sorry that we weren't prepared enough for you crazy coffee addictive bunch on the other side of the ocean! We've upscaled our US facilities and are working on a steady stream to Amazon to stay on top of demand.

If you have any questions or remarks on how we have dealt with your order then please drop me an email on and I will get back to you.




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