This is Black Insomnia Coffee, and regardless what the pretenders might claim, this is the world’s strongest coffee, as certified by Caffeine Informer and other science people who know their stuff

This is an honest, no frills blend with plenty of kick. We are what we say we are, for better or worse, the key to keeping you up all night long. What happens to you after you drink our coffee is on you! 

Best served black. The pureness of black insomnia will give you the kick you crave and deserve! With no added anything, this is unadulterated coffee at its finest, with none of the BS. if you don't get what we mean, it has no additives of any kind, then this coffee isn’t for you. This is a well rounded, medium roast, made from a perfect blend of beans from Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala and Rwanda. Which means you get a naturally sweet, walnut-esque flavour.

This isn’t everyone’s cup of Joe. Be warned. In the wise words of poor ol, and hopefully completely removed from cinematic appearances now, Uncle Ben; “With great power comes great responsibility.” Just like you, we had to make a choice.  Our original batches came out with a much higher level of caffeine content, but we found that it might just be irresponsible to make that available to the masses, so we cut it back to safer levels, just as we hope that you will too.

We know how great it tastes, and feels… but try not overdo it! 

1 - 2 cups a day should be all you’ll need for your average Monday.  This is the coffee for the people who sleep when they want, work when they want, and play when they want. 

Life is filled with awesome shit you might just miss if you blink for even one second, so open your eyes and wake the f*ck up. 

This is the World’s Strongest Coffee.