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“ Great customer service via Holly Clifford their marketing assistant. Ordered predominantly because I liked the "Sleeping is Cheating" mug but mine arrived broken not once.... but twice 😔😔 But thanks to Holly's perseverance and patience l eventually got the mug in one piece.... A credit to the company”

Malcolm Aitchison

Verified Buyer

“ We’ve just had our 1st delivery of BIC and we couldn’t wait to try it out, super impressed with how smooth it is cannot wait for the caffeine kick. Well done BIC great product”

Nikki Owens

Verified Buyer

“ As someone with an apparent intolerance to caffeine, this has actually given me a little buzz, which is great! It's also really easy to drink (smooth and good flavour) which could be dangerous for some people 😉

Alex Nash

Verified Buyer

“I was looking for something somewhere between coffee and cocaine. Here we are. I substituted my pre workout drink with Black Insomnia pods before a long run and I get a genuinely decent kick but with absolutely no crash later on. Definitely recommended!”

Iain Mars

Verified Buyer

“ We've tried coffee nespresso pods and we'd really like the taste and strength of this coffee as a sensible price as well. Keep going. We'll be back again.”

Eryk Żuchowski

Verified Buyer

“ Buy this coffee whole beans preferably, stuff is so good and the caffeine boost will have you doing cartwheels 🤸‍♀️ good stuff definitely ordering again...”

Chris Hatfield

Verified Buyer

I am a coffee lover… morning, noon and night…. This coffee is the best…. It tastes wonderful and I don’t get heartburn after drinking it….. the taste is smooth and never leaves the bitter after taste!!!

Fabien Battesti

Verified Buyer

“ Drink it black with no complaints for taste. I've had better but it wasn't bad. Caffeine wise it packs a punch and keeps me going at work. Would certainly recommend to anyone fighting to stay awake.”

Corey Mitchell

Verified Buyer

“ Hits all the right notes for what makes an amazing coffee!! #sleepingischeating you haven't truly experienced the best coffee until you've tried #BlackInsomnia"

Jenevieve Fabré-Schedel

Verified Buyer

“ Of course it's" The Strongest Coffee in the World"!”

Ale Mel

Verified Buyer

“ I bought this for my other half and he definitely recommends”

Danielle Bishop

Verified Buyer

“Got my coffee in 3 days and I love it better than any other coffee💕💕

Emma Lee Silvernail

Verified Buyer

“ Great coffee! Very smooth and I do not recommend shooting a double Nespresso in less than a minute.... you will feel like everything is in slow motion! Deceptively smooth!”

Tracy Miller Lingle

Verified Buyer

“ I purchased a bag of whole bean coffee and quality was great! The coffee is bold yet smooth, and I'm glad I didn't pass it up.”

Ranjeev Keswani

Verified Buyer

“ Fab service from your online shop!! Not sure about the taste of the coffee as it was a gift but the smell coming from the coffee bags was amazing

Andrea Brown

Verified Buyer

“Once again you guys have succeeded my expectations!! Placed my order (my 8th order already I think) and received the good stuff two days later! Never a let down, and got some free stickers this time round, thanks for that! Keep up the good work and remember... Sleeping is cheating...”

Christopher Jacobs

Verified Buyer

“ I have tasted a lot of different Coffee's and also bean styles but this one is amazing, also haven't got the jitters etc so it's good quality caffeine and wakes you up gentle without the shakes. The coffee has a great favour and is very smooth. Definitely one of my new favourites. Good job guys !”

Brendan McAdam

Verified Buyer

“ I am a returning customer from the original 702mg of caffeine as that got me hooked on black coffee. this stuff doesn't hit you with the rush of caffeine like the old batch, however I think I prefer it this way as I feel it's more enjoyable despite it having nearly twice as much caffeine as before. can't wait for the subscription service to become available #sleepingischeating

John Norris

Verified Buyer

About Us

Black Insomnia Coffee Company

We aren't here to mess around. Black Insomnia drinkers work hard, and take no sh*t. For the hustlers, the grafters, hard-workers, and determined people. Whatever your mission, we are here to get you performing at your best, with naturally super high-caffeine goodness. No need for crappy energy drinks or suspect energy pills.

  • Extremely Caffeinated
  • Shockingly Smooth Never Bitter
  • No BS Strong Coffee... Period

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6x more caffeine 1 Cup = 6 Cups

Never Bitter

Seriously strong yet smooth without the bitter after taste

Real Energy

Natural energy you need to power through the day (or night)


Nutty aromas, caramel sweetness and a dark chocolate after taste

"For the the early-starters, the work-aholics, the late night gamers and the ones who go the extra mile. Black Insomnia Coffee is the super high-caffeine kick you need to get sh*t done. Ditch the weak brown water and step up to the real stuff."

Black insomnia Team

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