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One of the most restrictive diets you can follow is the Keto diet. With it gaining in popularity a popular question we receive is "Can I drink your coffee on my keto diet" or "is your coffee keto friendly?"

Well since our staff is no stranger to pizza, egg sandwiches and beer we needed to do a little research ourselves. For those of you who can stick to the Keto diet, well done. Our attempts have lasted just a few days each time.

So is coffee Keto?

Well it sort of falls in that grey area in between. The Keto diet restricts your intake of sugar, carbs and grains. Basically anything made from or served on bread. Sorry New Yorker's, your entire menu for fast paced food is off the list.

Black Coffee naturally has zero sugar and carbs and only two calories. The reason we say it falls in the grey area is it also does not contain any fats which are a staple of the Keto Diet.

So what are some ways you can Keto-ize your coffee?

Drink it alongside a Keto Friendly Meal:

If your a black coffee drinker simply have your coffee with the most popular Keto breakfast, bacon and eggs. You can also add some cheese to your eggs for a little extra fat boost.

Coffee with Heavy Cream

Adding in Heavy Cream gives you a fast boost with almost no sugar. Just 2 tablespoons of heavy cream contains on average 11g of fat (17% daily goal) and just 1g of sugar, or less.

Coffee with MCT Oil and Grass Fed Butter

Widely known as the Bulletproof Coffee, the combination will offer a wide range of benefits. MCT Oil has been studied and shown to increase your metabolism, help burn more calories, give you an extra energy boost for exercise and more. Adding in Grass Fed Butter helps boost your focus and helps add fats to your coffee. Combine with the caffeine kick of Black Insomnia and you will be running super focused circles around your co-workers.

Keto Creamers

If you want to go the simple route then you can purchase a wide variety of Keto Creamers to add to your coffee. Here are 8 of the best options: Keto Creamers

For Those With a Sweet Tooth

Many of us just can't ditch the sweet taste in coffee. Luckily there are many sugar free flavored options and sugar free sweeteners like Stevia to choose from.

The best part of coffee is you can really make it anything you want it to be. Just ditch the super sugar and carb filled venti white chocolate mocha latte's with 8 pumps and a free insulin shot and you will still be able to enjoy your morning cup while shedding the pounds.

Black Insomnia Highly Caffeinated Coffee can add an extra kick to your diet. With 4x MORE caffeine then the standard black coffee your metabolism will be kicked up a notch. Caffeine has also been shown to increase focus, mood and happiness which are all important in sticking a will power based diet.


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