Here's The Best Way to Reheat Coffee (Since Microwaved Coffee Sucks)

Here's The Best Way to Reheat Coffee (Since Microwaved Coffee Sucks)

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I can't believe it. I finally get to sit down and enjoy my delicious coffee, and it's cold!

And not in the iced way. This coffee is practically room temperature. It's tepid! I'm not kidding—this stuff is the most aggressively lukewarm thing I've ever tasted.

So what? Just reheat it, right?

But how? We all know microwaved coffee is worse than drinking cold coffee.

Maybe use the hairdryer? No... last time that got coffee all over the place, and I almost died.

Maybe if I blow on it... no, that's not going to work.

What's a hot coffee fan to do?

Why Microwaved Coffee Sucks

Ah, the radar range. The home of soggy pizza, burritos that are still frozen in the middle—and lukewarm coffee.

(You might think I'm about to lecture you about boring stuff like "microwave radiation," but I'm actually not.)

It's no secret—reheating your coffee in the microwave actually eliminates any of the aromas that are still remaining from when your coffee was first brewed. 

It may as well be a secret, though, because no one knows about it. They just know their microwaved coffee isn't quite as good as when they first brewed it.

Think you're fine dealing with a reheated cup of coffee that has no aroma? Well, unfortunately, it also tends to deplete the flavor.

That's right, all those subtle notes of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla that you so enjoy are instantly wiped out when you zap your java in the microwave.

So next time, skip the "30 second shuffle" and go for the stovetop instead.

The Best Way to Reheat Coffee

  • Pour your lukewarm coffee into a saucepan or a small pot.

  • Put the pan on low heat. This is important because if you put it on too high of a heat, you'll end up scorching your coffee.

  • When it reaches the desired temperature, carefully remove the saucepan or pot from heat, pour it into a clean mug, and enjoy!

Some say you should stir your coffee occasionally as it warms up. I don't think that's really necessary, but you know what they say in the Borscht Belt... 60 years ago—Couldn't hoit!

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