Looking For Extreme Caffeine Coffee?

Looking For Extreme Caffeine Coffee?

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Whether you’re looking for ultimate energy and focus, or just need an extra jolt to get you going, extreme caffeine coffee might be what you’re missing in life.

Caffeine doesn’t just help people get through the day—in our society, it’s often an essential tool that helps people function and thrive in their jobs—whether you’re a student, have a demanding job (or demanding kids), or just want to function at optimum levels, upgrading to a higher caffeine coffee can make an extreme difference.

Ditch the Espresso Shots

While espresso has a false reputation of being stronger in caffeine content than other brewed coffee due to its taste, if you’re really after extreme caffeine coffee you shouldn’t be looking at espresso shots or drinks at all.

For maximum caffeine content, you can do better brewing your coffee at home—without the $2000 milk frothing machine.

But it’s not as simple as buying any coffee off the grocery store shelf and dumping it into a Mr. Coffee machine. You can maximize the caffeine in your cup by adjusting a few simple variables:

Your Brew Method Makes a Difference

You should start with beans with the highest caffeine content—that’s a given—but if you want to get the absolute highest-possible amount of caffeine out of your beans, you’ll need to make sure your brewing process is one that extracts higher levels of caffeine.

You can achieve optimal caffeine using the cold brew method, a French press, an Espro brewer, or AeroPress.

Any of these methods will help you squeeze (or press) more caffeine out of your coffee grounds than a typical drip coffee machine will.

Which Coffees Have the Most Extreme Caffeine Content?

There are a lot of coffees on the market—understatement of the millennium, I know—with an increasing number of coffee companies claiming to have the most caffeine in their beans. But which beans’ caffeine truly reigns supreme?

If you’ve been researching coffees with high caffeine content, you probably already know that Black Insomnia has the world’s highest—verified by independent laboratory tests, if you care more about scientific proof than words.

Whether you prefer classic roast or dark roast, Black Insomnia packs an extreme caffeine punch.

With Black Insomnia’s artisanal roasting process and proprietary blend of high quality coffee beans, the difference in caffeine content between the roasts is minimal—it really comes down to your personal flavor and acidity preference. 

So if you’re done wasting time with other coffee companies that make loud claims about having extra caffeine, and want to experience true extreme caffeine coffee, try out Black Insomnia for yourself and feel the difference.

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