Understanding Espro Coffee Presses

Understanding Espro Coffee Presses

4 minutes of coffee drinking

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What is an Espro Press, anyway?

An Espro Coffee Press is, especially on first glance, very similar to a French Press. The Espro Press takes the basic concept of a French press but gets rid of one of the main cons of using one – the “silt” and “mud” that gets left behind in your coffee.

If you’re coming from a standard drip coffee maker, you’ll find the Espro produces a markedly better-tasting cup of coffee.

An Espro Press contains a unique micro-filtering system as part of the brewing process. That means less grit, and smoother, richer coffee. So even if you have a French Press already, you’ll still get a better cup of coffee with an Espro.

And since you can use an Espro to serve coffee as well as brew it, there’s little cleanup. The coffee even stays hot in an Espro Press for hours after brewing (while the outside stays cool to the touch — a major plus).

It’s a premium item, to be sure (and it looks premium sitting on your countertop—sure beats looking at a Mr. Coffee pot). But the price produces results that are undeniably better. I’d say an Espro Press definitely falls into that wonderful “affordable luxury” category.

You can browse the Espro Coffee Press models in the Brewing Gear section of our shop here.

Using an Espro Coffee Press

They’re easy to use. The steps are very similar to a french press. Basically, you just pre-heat the stainless steel container, add your preferred coffee/water, and stir.

You wait about 4 minutes or so, then you “press” your coffee using the plunger. Serve, and enjoy!

Espro Coffee Press Models

All the Espro Press models offer the same advantage to a traditional French press: filtering out all that grit that gets in the way of a smooth cup of great-tasting coffee. But which is the right one for you? Let’s take a look at what distinguishes the different models:

Espro P7

The Espro P7 is the pinnacle of the Espro Coffee Press product line, and it looks just as good as it brews. This is one durable coffee brewer—no glass to be found here—so you never have to worry about it accidentally shattering. If you want to graduate from your existing brewer/French press and get into using an Espro coffee press, this model is the top of the line. It comes in two sizes: a smaller 18oz version and a larger 32 oz version. The P7 is available for purchase here.

Espro P5

The Espro P5 is a beautiful, sleek, glass and stainless steel brewer. It has 40% thicker glass than a normal French Press carafe, making it safer to use when plunging as well as less likely to break. It has a maximum brewing capacity of 32oz.

Overall, it has the same brewing capabilities as the P7 with a different design and a lower cost of entry—you can buy the Espro P5 here.

Espro Travel (P1)

The Espro P1 Travel Coffee Press is the portable version of the Espro, the iteration that’s easiest to take on-the-go. It works just the same as the larger models, but with a lower capacity than the P5 and P7, in exchange for being more lightweight and fitting into luggage more easily.

What do coffee aficionados do when they’re on the move and need their coffee exactly the way they like it? They get the P1. You can get the Espro Travel with FREE shipping in our shop.

While You're Here, Check Out The Espro Bloom

A picture of the Espro Bloom Pour Over Coffee Maker being used.

Into pour over coffee? Again, Espro has you covered with the Espro Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer. Check out our pour over coffee guide to learn more: The Pour Over Guide

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