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Extreme Caffeine Single Use Pour-Over Coffee Bags

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For the serious coffee lover. Strong coffee with a Smooth, Nutty & Sweet Flavor.

Black Insomnia's revolutionary single use pour over bags are fully home compostable. Now you can have your Strongest Coffee in the World anywhere you have hot water without contributing to landfills or ocean pollution. Your garden will love the nitrogen rich compost.

  • Black Insomnia Coffee contains 1105mg of caffeine per 12oz cup to jump start your day
  • Caffeine content comes from a carefully selected blend of Arabica and Fine Robusta beans
  • We roast our beans using an age-old Italian tradition, slowly and carefully in a small batch drum roaster, allowing for a smooth yet strong aroma, robust flavor, velvety body and heady crema.
  • Nutty aromas, caramel sweetness and a dark chocolate aftertaste will make your palate sing, while our extraordinary caffeine kick works its magic.
  • Highly caffeinated coffee without any unpleasant bitterness or acidity.
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