Black Insomnia Coffee

Coffee & Cold Brew Bundle

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Flavor (Cold Brew)


Pair Your Black Insomnia Dark Roast with our NEW Ready to Drink Cold Brew Cans.

This is not iced coffee. This is Extreme Caffeine Coffee, brewed for 14 hours over cold spring water to produce an all- natural, deliciously electrifying, 210mg caffeine kick.

Smooth yet strong tastes of caramel, nuts, and dark chocolate. All thanks to our carefully selected blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. And 100% dairy free.


Unsweetened: 0/0

Sweetened: 28/7.2g

Compared to some of the leading energy drinks which average 120 Calories and 28g of Sugar per can.

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Choose Pure taste for a refreshing black coffee kick.

Or Sweet, where we’ve added a little natural cane sugar.

The Strongest Coffee in the World

Black Insomnia is 4 x stronger than average coffee - so you can be more than average. Expertly crafted combination of strength and flavor to supercharge your morning coffee experience.

Our new darkest, more intense coffee taste. It has all the body of a dark roast but none of the bitterness.

Smooth yet strong caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas. A bold dark chocolate flavor with a velvety body and crema. Low in acidity and all-natural.

  • Same caffeine kick as our Classic Roast with a more intense dark roast flavor.
  • A perfectly roasted balance between bold and smooth flavor.
  • Ideal for those who want the caffeine kick from a true dark roast coffee.
  • Carefully selected and roasted blend of the highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans ensure bold flavor without tasting burnt or bitter.
  • 1lb of ground coffee makes roughly 40 cups