Black Insomnia Coffee

Extreme Caffeine - Cold Brew Ready To Drink Coffee

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Are you tired of those wimpy, weakling cold brews that barely make a dent in your sleep-deprived brain? Look no further than Black Insomnia ready-to-drink cold brew cans!

With a whopping 210mg of caffeine per can, this ain't your grandma's morning joe. No, sir. This is the cold brew that will kick you in the face and make you feel alive again (or at least awake enough to function).

We've carefully crafted each can to pack a punch, with a rich, smooth taste that'll have you coming back for more. And let's be real, who needs sleep anyway? Not you, when you've got Black Insomnia in your hand.

So, if you're ready to join the ranks of the caffeinated elite and leave those weak, watery cold brews in the dust, grab a can of Black Insomnia and get ready to conquer the day (or at least survive it). Just don't say we didn't warn you about the potential side effects of being too badass for your own good.

  • Each case contains 12 ready to drink cartons
  • We've switched to cardboard style cans. Why? Better drinking experience and no metalic taste blending with your coffee flavor.

Calories/Sugars Per 220ml Can

Unsweetened: 2/0

Sweetened: 5/1.4g

Compared to some of the leading energy drinks which average 120 Calories and 28g of sugar per can.