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Black Insomnia Extreme Caffeine - Strongest Coffee in the World

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The Strongest Coffee in the World

Black Insomnia contains up to 6x more caffeine than other brands. Lab tested. Coffee drinker loved.

Tired of being tired? Needing 6 cups of coffee just to feel sluggish by 3pm? Not anymore!

Available in Ground, Whole Bean & Single Serve K-Cups

  • Max achievable Caffeine: 1105 mg per 12oz cup
  • High caffeine and energy coffee without the bitterness and expertly roasted for a smooth enjoyable flavor.
  • Subtle aroma and flavors of dark chocolate and hazelnut
  • 100% Natural Caffeine (No fake synthetic caffeine)
  • ZERO additives, sugars or other stimulants
  • Available in Classic Roast (Medium-Dark) and our new Dark Roast
  • Natural slow release of energy to avoid the jitters and crash


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