Black Insomnia Nespresso Coffee Pods

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Black Insomnia Smooth Roast Coffee Pods, Intense Coffee Flavours from The World’s Strongest Coffee, Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods, 100% Home Compostable

Black Insomnia HOME COMPOSTABLE Coffee PODS for Nespresso Machines - 50 Capsules of Worlds Strongest Coffee - Recyclable Biodegradable Black Insomnia Coffee Company originated in South Africa and has quickly become the professionals in Caffeinated products. Black Insomnia 'home COMPOSTABLE' Coffee PODS – Enjoy our World Famous, and Worlds Strongest Coffee without contributing to landfill or ocean pollution.

Our Pods and the lids are the FIRST fully 'HOME' compostable and made form 100% CORNSTARCH. We are one of the very few companies that have the official ‘OK COMPOST’ certification. 100% 'HOME COMPOSTABLE' awesome, right? – Throw them into your garden compost or local council food waste or garden compost collection.

The coffee grounds are good for your garden compost, adding nitrogen-rich matter to the soil. PLASTIC & ALUMINUM FREE – our pods/capsules are free from aluminium, hard plastics – or oil-based plastics :). Fully NESPRESSO COMPATIBLE – Compatible with Nespresso machines. Suitable for all drop through Nespresso compatible machines. (Nespresso trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé.) Finally, we have managed to bring you the Worlds Strongest and Smoothest tasting coffee (50 PODS) in totally ethical packaging...