Black Insomnia Coffee

Espro P5 Press

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Good coffee deserves a good brewer and the Espro P5 is just that.

  • You expect the most out of your Black Insomnia coffee and Espro's P5 delivers!
  • Unlike many french presses Espro's patented double filter leaves your cup free of grit and sludge.
  • Pressing the filter stops the brewing process and ensures the coffee in the press does not become bitter, and neither will you.
  • 40% thicker glass is secured in place with a safety lock.
  • 32oz design brews between 24 and 32oz.

Read Our French Press Brewing Guide

The ESPRO press is similar to a French press. The difference between their press and other French presses is that Espro delivers a much finer double-filtration, leading to what we believe is the cleanest, smoothest cup of French press coffee available. Grounds are placed into the vessel along with water at the desired temperature. After brewing, the filters are pushed down to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee using the silicone seal around the filter.