The 3 Best Ways to Make Coffee While Traveling

The 3 Best Ways to Make Coffee While Traveling

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One of the best things about traveling is getting to try coffees from different places—whether it's an authentic Italian coffeehouse in Tuscany, or a hipster cafe in Tucson.

But what do you do for coffee once you’re back in your hotel room?

Room service coffee and raiding the mini bar can add up fast—plus, sometimes when you're away from home, you just want the familiarity and comfort of your favorite roast or blend. 

Getting your favorite coffee while traveling can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. There are three methods that stand out as the best ways to make coffee while on the road.

(And sure, you could always lug your glass pour over setup around if you really wanted to, but those aren't exactly compact... nor are they exactly "hard to shatter into 50 million shards" when stuffed into a suitcase.)

So here's our countdown of the top three ways to make coffee while traveling (good, better, and best), whether you're hitting the road for business or pleasure. Or let's be honest, a little bit of both. Don't worry, we won't tell the tax man.)

#3 - Percolator (Good)

Bringing along a small percolator is a reliable option for those who want to make coffee in a more traditional way. It's simple to use and can be placed on any heat source, making it ideal for camping or cooking over a fire.

It makes a bold cup of coffee, so it's perfect for people who both like the taste of strong coffee (as opposed to a more mellow brew) and need an extra energy boost while traveling.

Percolators are a little more finicky than the other options on our list, so if you want to put as little effort as possible into brewing when you're tired from traveling, I'd skip this one and go for one of the other two. See our guide on How to Use a Percolator for specific instructions on percolating coffee.

#2 - Moka Pot (Better)

The Moka pot is another great option for travelers. It's small and easy to pack, and it makes a rich, strong cup of coffee. You've probably seen one before—they're the little metal pots with a spout that are often used in Italian coffee shops.

Using a Moka pot is fairly easy as far as coffee brewing methods go. You mainly just need to add water to the bottom chamber, coffee to the filter, and put it on the stove. Check the Black Insomnia Ultimate Brew Guide for specific instructions for using a Moka pot.

#1 - AeroPress Go (Best)

AeroPress Go

AeroPress Go


AeroPress Go features everything you love about the original but in compact package for brewing anywhere, anytime. Perfect for those who love to travel, camp or simply need a kick start on the go. Aeropress can be used anywhere you… read more

Check It Out!

The AeroPress is already a great option for coffee lovers who want something portable and easy to use, but the AeroPress Go is even better for travelers. It comes with its own carrying case and mug, so you don't have to worry about packing anything extra.

Real Talk: I’ll be the first to admit that my coffee snobbery knows no bounds. But even this self-proclaimed coffee aficionado has to concede that the AeroPress brewing method makes a damn fine cup of joe, especially when compared to the other two methods.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to make great coffee while on the road, then the AeroPress Go is definitely worth checking out. You can snap up an AeroPress Go for a great price right here.

See? Not So Hard After All.

So, there you have it. Your three best options for making coffee while traveling. With a little planning, you can hit the road (or the sky) with confidence.

Just don’t forget to pack some filters and a portable grinder, we wouldn’t want any grounds for grievance* now, would we?

*I'm sorry, I’m sorry. I’m trying to delete it.

Enjoy your caffeine buzz on that well-deserved vacation business trip!

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