What is Nitro Coffee & Does It Have More Caffeine?

What is Nitro Coffee & Does It Have More Caffeine?

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While not exactly brand new, nitro cold brew is increasing in popularity on the streets. It's taken off so much in local coffee shops that even that blasted Seattle-based coffee company is getting in on the action.

No, not that Seattle-based coffee company—well, actually, yes that one too. Pretty much all 400 of them are now offering some form of “nitro brew,” whether it's canned or on tap.

What is Nitro Coffee?

It’s simple, really. Nitro cold brew is just cold brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen gas. This gives the coffee a creamy, frothy texture and a slightly sweet-ish flavor.

It also makes for a pretty cool visual effect when you pour it, as the nitrogen bubbles rise to the top and create a foamy head on your coffee.

Kind of like Guinness beer, or a root beer float, except it makes you feel energized after you drink it instead of bloated and depressed.

Why is Nitro Coffee so Popular Lately?

There are a few reasons why nitro coffee has become so popular in recent years. First of all, it’s just damn delicious. The creamy texture and slightly sweet flavor can make it more enjoyable to drink than regular cold brew, which can be a bit harsh and bitter—especially when it’s not brewed perfectly. The bubbles are refreshing, and since it’s served cold it’s the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day.

But don't underestimate the gimmick factor here—the fact that it comes out of a tap and has a foamy head definitely adds to the appeal. It’s the kind of thing that people love to Instagram, which helps spread the word and gets more people interested in trying it. Plus, since it has the word "nitro" in it, it kind of sounds like it's some kind of fancy, high-tech racing coffee. The kind of coffee Vin Diesel would drink if he weren't too busy revving his engine and punching people.

Does Nitro Coffee Have More Caffeine?

No, nitro coffee does not really have more caffeine than your average cold brew. But most coffee companies aren't going to go out of their way to tell you that, because they want you to think it's some kind of magic, extreme caffeine super coffee.

Being cold brew, nitro coffee contains more caffeine than a regular cup of drip coffee, but the nitrogen gas doesn't really have any effect on the caffeine content. So if you're looking for a coffee with an extra jolt of caffeine, you might want to try Black Insomnia instead. It's the strongest coffee in the world, and it'll wake you up and keep you going much more than a cup of basic nitro cold brew.

How is Nitro Coffee Made?

The process of making nitro coffee is actually pretty simple. First, you need to make a batch of cold-brew coffee. This can be done at home, or you can save a lot of hassle and just buy pre-made, ready to drink cold brew. Once you have your cold brew, all you need to do is infuse it with nitrogen gas. Simple, right?

This can be done with a kegerator or a whipped cream container. Both methods have their pros and cons, but a mini-kegerator is probably the easiest way to do it at home.

The final product is (or should be) a smooth, creamy, slightly sweet cold brew coffee. If you did it right, it will also have a nice foamy head on top. If not, well, you can always try again next time.

Sure, a lot of it may be style over substance. But like latte art, Chemex coffee, and siphon coffee, the cool factor definitely adds to the appeal. Plus, at the end of the day, it’s still coffee.

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