How Strong is Black Insomnia?

The Strongest!
So you’re a caffeine addict are you?
Hi, we’re your new dealers!
Black Insomnia Coffee is the World’s Strongest Coffee!
Honestly, in terms of caffeine kick, we suggest sticking to 1-2 cups of Black Insomnia a day. More than that may lead to having unwanted side effects. With 17524 mg of Caffeine per kg Black Insomnia Coffee, we do advise to drink responsibly.
Red bull contains 9.46 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce. If brewing to the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s standards, Black Insomnia has 58.5 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce. We like to make our cups a little stronger.
Here’s the kicker though. It tastes great! People keep saying they expect it to taste acidic or bitter, it doesn’t! It does however taste like a well balanced, smooth, nutty, good coffee! Rad right?

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